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T-Mobile Mobile Device Management Solution

T-Mobile Mobile Device Management Solution

Codeproof now offers an exclusive mobile device management and mobile security software for T-Mobile smartphones and tablet devices. T-Mobile business customers can sign-up and purchase Codeproof right here, right now. The company now offers a range of mobile device management solutions, including:

  • Enable Password Protection & Encryption

    Consider a password strategy that includes a strong password and regular change frequency. This is required for both corporate-owned and BYOD devices. Without a strong password, compromised devices can potentially allow access to sensitive business information and lead to significant business losses. Lost devices also give away access to sensitive personally identifiable information specific to the owner. This information can then be used to steal from the device user’s bank account, hack their social media accounts and access their business emails.

  • Anti-theft & Data Leakage Prevention Policy

    If a device is reported lost or stolen, employees must report to the loss to IT immediately. IT Administrators should leverage mobile device management solutions with geofencing and other location-based management capabilities to locate the device remotely and wipe out sensitive data. In the case of BYOD, organizations should be able to delete all installed business apps from the device including emails, stored passwords and other access applications when employee contracts are terminated. When devices are transferred from one employee to another, IT must wipe the device and make certain the device does not retain access to any corporate data such as emails, documents, etc.

  • Lock-down Device Features and Restrict Apps

    This is an important feature that allows network and device administrators to restrict users from performing suspicious downloads on company-owned mobile devices. This functionality helps improve security, employee productivity, battery life and blocks all unnecessary apps that prevent employees from making the most of their time at the office. IT can define an app whitelist so that users can run only an approved set of apps run on their devices. KIOSK mode is available for situations where only a limited number of apps are needed, such as a tablet being used for event registration.

  • WiFi, Email and VPN Configurations

    WiFi settings and Email & VPN profiles can be remotely pushed to controlled devices using mobile device management software. This adds an insurance and network level protection for applications commonly used for regular office work. This also limits access of corporate network and information to authorized personnel. When an employee is terminated, IT can remotely uninstall the mobile device management (MDM) component from the device, removing WiFi and VPN profiles while keeping leaving personal apps and data safe.

  • App Deployment and Management

    Using mobile device management (MDM) software, apps can be silently installed or uninstalled from across the cloud, eliminating the need to physically access the device. In Apple iOS9, administrators can purchase iOS apps in volume and remotely push to multiple devices in the field at once. In addition, IT administrators can define an approved whitelist of apps, preventing employees from accessing blacklisted apps.

  • Mobile Kiosk App & Remote management

    Using Codeproof, IT administrators can remotely enable mobile kiosk on smartphones and tablet devices. Kiosk mode allows organizations to simplify the user interface by presenting only the required applications, disabling hardware keys such as “power off” and removing the notification bar. Devices will be locked down to run a specific app or multiple apps. Codeproof also allows display customer branding info in the phone. All can be set remotely using a cloud based device management portal/console.

  • Location-based service

    Discover location of missing devices and either enforce territorial policies associated with that device or wipe the device to remove confidential data.

  • Inventory monitoring

    This feature provides visibility into details about the device, such as total memory usage, installed application list and OS version.

  • Secure Web Browser App

    Restrict access to internet and website content based on website URL and keywords. Increase privacy and security by blocking advertisements.

  • Reporting and Advanced Features

    Periodic reports on installed apps and device inventory is useful when visibility is needed and allows administrators to better organize and manage mobile devices and apps. Advanced mobile device management features that allow detection of rooted/jailbroken devices, push notifications functionality, and geofencing, location and time-based based functionality directly from the cloud-based console.

The enterprise mobility management is now simplified!

The comprehensive SaaS enterprise mobility management solution is offered on an affordable, no-obligation subscription-basis pricing model.