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Web-Filtering and Internet Security

Web Filtering and Cloud Proxy Service

Codeproof now offers a web-filtering solution for all the connected mobile devices using Amazon AWS cloud powered global proxy server farms. IT Admins can configure global proxy servers on iPhone/iPad, Samsung and LG mobile devices using Codeproof MDM or standalone proxy configuration apps provided by Codeproof. The global proxy server allows to filter, accelerate and log network activities transmitted beyond your private corporate network. Codeproof's Internet filtering service supports the following:

  • Web Security: Websites whitelisting and blacklisting

    IT Admins can blacklist or whitelist websites and monitor web activities from all mobile devices centrally.

  • Highly scalable web-filtering

    Codeproof delivers a scalable web-filtering technology using Amazon AWS cloud. Multiple servers process web requests without any network delay.

  • Scheduled/Time-based blacklisting

    Administrator can blacklist websites for a specified interval in day.

  • Proxy exclusions

    Define proxy exclusions list for a specified set of IP addresses.

  • Global Proxy

    All the internet connections (both WiFi and Cellular from all apps) will go through a cloud proxy server. All mobile devices are protected at all times.

  • Internet access logging and Reports

    IT Admins can view all allowed and denied websites/URLs from the cloud proxy server.

  • Protocol support

    Both HTTP and HTTPS protocols are supported.

  • Device Supported

    All Mobile devices, PCs and Laptops.

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