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Android for Work (AfW)

Android For Work(AfW)

Android for Work is secure and flexible enterprise mobility management framework developed by Google to enable true workforce productivity among the increasingly mobile workforce. The framework is available for OS versions Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0) and above, and offers a range of server and client-side APIs. Codeproof partnered with Google to integrate Google Playstore and Google EMM APIs within its platform. With this release, Codeproof cloud-based EMM solution can now be used to remotely secure and manage all devices powered by the Android operating system. The platform offers the following key functionality:

Work Managed Device Management

Manage corporate owned devices with a complete MDM/EMM control. End user won't be able to turn off MDM.

BYOD Management - Work Profile

In case of employee owned devices scenario, Have a secured work container (work profile) for work related apps.

COSU - Corporate Owned Single Use - Kiosk

The COSU Kiosk mode allows the MDM Administrator to run a single application in the device without any distractions (disabling notification and status bars..etc)

Google Playstore Integration

Silently install, uninstall and configure apps from google playstore via Codeproof Dashboard.

Runtime Permission Management

Remotely manage app run-time permissions from Codeproof Dashboard.

Device Restrictions

Remotely restrict various device components including call & SMS blocking, restricting remote wipe, safemode boot, WiFi, VPN, camera, status bar ..etc.

Application whitelisting

Remotely block list of apps including default system apps

Chrome Configurations Management

Remotely configure Chrome browser and allow/block websites on a bulk of devices.

Supports all Devices

Device agnostic. Supported on all android devices running Android marshmallow (6.0) and above.

APK Management

Silently install & uninstall APKs from the EMM dashboard without any security prompt in the device.

Miscellaneous Features

Remotely rebooting the device, managing the android updates ..etc

Admin Guides

Download Android for work admin guide

Download device enrollment guide

The enterprise mobility management is now simplified!

The comprehensive SaaS enterprise mobility management solution is offered on an affordable, no-obligation subscription-basis pricing model.