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Press Releases & News

Codeproof Maximizes Mobile Security And Business Productivity On Samsung Galaxy Devices

BARCELONA, Spain and REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Codeproof today announced the expansion of its innovative SaaS-based enterprise mobile management (EMM) software platform with a secure web browser and a kiosk management app designed to bring greater protection and productivity on mobile devices for businesses. Developed for Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets, Codeproof's new security tools enable whitelisting and blacklisting for websites and apps and a range of lockdown policy controls, such as function and location use and more, for employer and personal devices used for company purposes. Codeproof will demonstrate at Mobile World Congress, March 2-5 in Barcelona, at the Washington State Department of Commerce booth 8.1A11 in Hall 8.1.

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"In today's work environment, use of cell phones and tablets every day is necessary to drive business forward," said Satish Shetty, CEO and founder of Codeproof. "However, devices are traditionally consumer-enabled, housing unnecessary apps which decreased overall efficiency, battery life and increased cellular data usage. By providing IT administrators with a cloud-based platform for easy management and control of mobile applications on devices, we're better enabling businesses to increase employee productivity, safeguard confidential work matters and ultimately reduce costs.

For the past two years, Codeproof has been an official partner of Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) which provides tools and benefits to its partners to help them develop differentiated solutions on Galaxy devices. With various policies that brings better manageability and flexibility on the device, Samsung KNOX platform integration with Codeproof's mobile security solution provides customers with a powerful toolset for cloud-based administration of security measures on workforce mobile devices. This collaboration between SEAP and Codeproof will address customers' needs of easy and scalable enterprise mobility implementation.

Secure Mobile Web Browser and Kiosk Management App

Across the globe, most businesses today function with work being conducted by employees on mobile devices. Depending on the size of the company, this can range from dozens to thousands of cell phones and tablets in use daily for calls, processing transactions, presentations, research, and more. With Codeproof's new mobile security tools, companies can now ensure that work devices are functioning according to best business practices.

Codeproof's new secure mobile web browser enables IT administrators to whitelist/blacklist websites, block websites based on keywords in content and urls, block malicious websites, create web shortcuts and bookmarks, and more. All this is done remotely by a cloud-based administration console. For more information, visit here.

Providing a range of advanced device lockdown features, the kiosk management app enables remote whitelisting/blacklisting for apps and the ability to block a device's settings, taskbar and notifications. Other features include managing use of the camera, microphone, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB, SMS, cellular data, HomeKey, access to Google Playstore, as well as the ability to install/uninstall apps and make phone calls. For more information, visit here.

Codeproof EMM

Codeproof offers SaaS cloud based complete enterprise mobility management solutions, powered by Samsung's KNOX platform, to small business and enterprises. Key features include:

  • Application management
  • Expense management
  • Disable/Enable device components
  • Over-the-air device configuration
  • Security policy management
  • Inventory monitoring and asset reporting
  • Kiosk mode
  • Location-based policies (Geofencing)
  • Time based policies
  • Secure web browsing
  • Cloud based admin console

Download Codeproof EMM for Samsung datasheet here.
Download Codeproof EMM for iOS datasheet here.

Watch Codeproof storytelling video here.

Customer/Partner Quotes

Frederick Hifko Jr., MBA, direct sales manager at T-Mobile USA, B2B SMB Florida says, "Our partnership with Codeproof has been amazing! Our clients love the interface, the support pre and post-sale, and the ease at which this is deployed and managed- It flat out works. One of the easiest and most cost efficient MDM solutions out there- Highly recommended!"

Scott Louderback, CEO of Neighborhood LTC Pharmacy in Nebraska says, "Codeproof is the first MDM solution we have used. It has been an easy to learn and very effective in accomplishing our needs for managing our mobile tablets. Our tablets are deployed to in home medical providers, so security and app restrictions are of up most importance. We will be using Codeproof in all our mobile devices as business operates."

Vern Hunte of Safeway Supply Inc. in Texas says, "We have tested several MDM providers and Codeproof provides everything that we need for a MDM solution. We can lockdown our devices to only allow our users access to specific websites and apps, and this reduces the data that is required on our mobile plan."

James Harris of SOS Technology Group in Australia says, "Codeproof is an inexpensive and effective management system for our organization. We have a large offsite workforce, and Codeproof allows us to lock down phone functions to avoid improper use, excessive data charges and inappropriate application installation. We also push out our custom applications to newly enrolled phones, all without having users bring their phones in to the office, which is incredibly time saving. I'd recommend Codeproof to anyone looking at an MDM solution."

About Codeproof

Founded in 2011, Codeproof is a mobile management company that enables businesses to easily secure, deploy and manage mobile applications and corporate data on company-and employee-owned (BYOD-Bring Your Own Device) mobile devices. With a focus on corporate data leakage prevention through mobile end points, Codeproof offers an integrated security and mobile management platform built on top of Amazon's elastic cloud stack for maximum scalability and security. Key features include Mobile Policy Management (location/Geofencing and time), Mobile Application Management and Mobile Device Management, as well as ease of deployment for multiple device platforms, which enables businesses to quickly ramp up their security solutions, and managing of all devices from a single IT administrated cloud console.

About Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP)

Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP) is Samsung Mobile's official partnership program which is designed to build an enterprise mobility ecosystem targeted to leading independent software vendors and system integrators by providing unique benefits to partners and delivering differentiated solutions on Samsung mobile to customers. To discover more, please, visit the website,

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