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Press Releases & News

Codeproof adds iOS 7 manageability in its MDM Platform

Redmond/San Jose, Oct. 17, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Codeproof Technologies Inc. ,  the BYOD security pioneer, today announced the availability of iOS 7 manageability within its cloud based management platform at MobileCon Conference in San Jose California.

Codeproof helps businesses secure data on corporate and employee owned mobile devices including Android and iOS devices.  Using Codeproof's cloud based management platform businesses can easily manage these devices and apps to insure data stays safe, and if any device is lost or stolen it can be wiped keeping data secure.

"iOS 7 increases the bar of overall enterprise mobile security by providing advanced mobile app management (MAM) capabilities, said Satish Shetty, Codeproof Founder and CEO.  Codeproof, through Apple's MDM protocol leverages the iOS 7.0 security enhancement and makes security policies available via our cloud based management platform".

"We recommend all businesses upgrade their iPhone/iPads to iOS7 to take the full advantage of these advanced security features" Mr. Shetty added.

In this software release, Codeproof adds the following security and manageability features:    

1.  iOS 7 App Restriction Policies

Various iOS 7.0 specific application restriction policies have been added to Codeproof including the ability for administrators to restrict account modification, disable fingerprint (TouchId) for unlock, restrict AirDrop, app cellular data modification and more.

2.  Web Content Filter

Now administrators can define "permitted" websites and/or "blocked" websites policies in the Codeproof console for the devices defined in a certain group. Devices will then be granted access to only those websites the administrator defines as safe.  The devices must be configured as supervised devices using Apple's Configurator tool.

3.  App Lock

The administrator can select an app and lock it to a set of devices. By enabling the app lock policy, the device is locked to a single application until the policy is removed. The home button is disabled, and the device returns to the specified application automatically upon wake or reboot. This feature is available only for supervised devices.

4.  Profile Manager

The administrator can now upload configuration profiles (email profiles, VPN profiles, WiFi profiles..etc.) to the Codeproof profile repository and be deployed to a number of devices. This greatly simplifies the "over-the-air" profile deployment.    

The Codeproof blog has been updated with instructions on how use this new feature set.

About Codeproof®:

Codeproof Technologies is a leading platform provider of true SaaS, cloud based BYOD security. Our patent-pending technology secures your personal and corporate data in mobile phones and tablets. With Codeproof's ease of deployment and management support for multiple device platforms, businesses can quickly ramp up their security solutions, managing both employee-owned (Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD) and corporate-owned devices from a single cloud console. For more info visit






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