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Codeproof Enhances iPhone, iPad and Android Devices Security and Manageability

REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 5, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Codeproof Technologies Inc, Redmond, WA-based mobile security provider, announced the availability of an updated version of their mobile security and mobile device management (MDM) SaaS offerings. In this software update, Codeproof makes app deployment to multiple devices easier and simpler.

Since the initial software launch three months ago, Codeproof made great progress and acquired more than 25,000 registered users all over the world. Codeproof scanned and determined that 11.19% of mobile devices are jailbroken and 53.54% of all iPhones don't have a screen lock passcode. Here is a Mobile Security Infographics based on Codeproof scan data.

Codeproof largely helps SMB customers and schools manage their iPads, iPhones and various Android devices.

"When it comes to mobile device security, small and medium-sized businesses are lost. Most of them simply ignore mobile security protection basics because they lack in-house expertise, and many feel they don't have the required resources to protect their mobile computing assets," said Satish Shetty, Founder & CEO. "We spend a lot of our time educating customers about Mobile Security and how to manage their mobile devices. We believe this pre-sales effort will help us in the long run," Mr Shetty added.

Codeproof intends to solve this problem by offering a highly secure, cloud-based, managed mobile security and MDM platform so that businesses can quickly ramp up their security and BYOD needs.

Codeproof currently supports all Android Phones/Tablets, as well as iPhone/iPads, and even Kindle Fire. The key features include the following:

  • Mobile Antivirus Protection(Android), Privacy Enhancement and Mobile Parental Controls
  • Lost Device Detection, including Device Lock, Remote Wipe, and Encryption
  • Password Restrictions, App Restrictions and Directory-Based Policy Management
  • Remote configuration of Email, Wi-Fi, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Device Telemetry & Asset Management
  • App Distribution & Mobile App Management (MAM)
  • True SaaS and Built on Amazon Elastic Cloud Stack
  • Role-Based Admin Management
  • Multi-Tenant Architecture
  • Platform extensibility through Developer APIs
  • Anytime, anywhere access through Cloud Console

Codeproof recently started attractive partner reseller programs. Contact partner(at)codeproof(dot)com for program details.

About Codeproof:

Codeproof Technologies is a leading platform provider of true SaaS, cloud-hosted mobile security and MDM platform. Our patent-pending technology secures your personal and corporate data in mobile phone and tablets. With Codeproof's ease of deployment and management support for multiple device platforms, businesses can quickly ramp up their security solutions, managing both employee-owned (Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD) and corporate-owned devices from a single cloud console. For more info visit

The Codeproof logo is available at

Email: sales(at)codeproof(dot)com
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